Welcome to the world of Valeria!

Hail traveler! Please sit and stay with us for a moment while we share with you tales of daring adventure and horrifying monstrosities! Deeds of brave heroes and knights, and malefactions of wicked villains. Legends of ancient artifacts and sundered kingdoms.

In the lands known as Valeria, countless calamities and unparalleled times of great peace have come and gone as the great forces of Light and Dark struggle to uphold their virtues and see through their plans. Even now heroes begin to rise to the challenge and defend their homes and kin from that which would do them harm as empires and kingdoms of old hang on the brink of downfall.

It is currently the Third Era of Man, Year 216. It has been little over 1,500 years since The Wound opened in the Grand Empire of Ysban and the Terrible Demon Scourge sacked the world from the depths of The Nine Hells. Much of Valeria still lies in ruins from the Demon Scourge, though new kingdoms and rulers have begun to rise, creating safe havens for the good folk of the land.

The Story So Far…

In the Adventure Log, one may read of the journey of our adventurers and their encounters thus far. Many folk have helped shape this world and influence the course of its history over time, but it seems that all the world stops to watch and listen with great anticipation at the actions of four unlikely heroes now in this Third Age.

Olan Edgewater, the half-orc fighter from the city of Port Eden. Elna Rootwalker, the gnome druid whose home rests in The Sea of Trees. Dhavala Galanodel, the high elf Sorceress far from her home in L’istolyn. And Rosy, the dwarf cleric of Moradin who lives with a great pain of the past and troubled thoughts of her clan.

These adventurers were all brought together by Ridgar the Red, a great wizard and protector of these lands. Why these four? None can say, but surely for one as extraordinary as the Red Wizard to have summoned them and asked of their strength, there must be something quite grand the world has yet to see.

The Wiki:

Please, take a look at the wiki and share with us this world and its stories. There is much content that has yet to be translated to this domain, but over time the idea is to build a grand resource rich in the history and tales of Valeria.

The World of Valeria: Annals of the Third Era

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