Calendar of Valeria


The Calendar is used by most civilized creatures in the world. In the world of Valeria, the Calendar was invented at the beginning of the 1st Era by the great wizard Aevum Tempus.

Aevum split the calendar into twelve months, each lasting three “tendays” (or thirty days). The days do not have names, but are instead referred to by number: “first-day”, “second-day”, and so on. Most folks count using their thumbs as first-day; Halflings, however, are famous for using their pinkies to count first-day, and thus the phrase “counting like a Halfling” has come to mean someone is being different just to be difficult.

There are an additional five days that fall between particular months marking important changes in the seasons. These “inbetween-days” do not belong to any month and are their own chronological event. With the inclusion of the inbetween-days, the total number of days in most years in 365.

Every four years, Fourthyear is recognized, making the total days in the year 366.

The Months of the Year

The following is a list of the months of the year, with any additional holidays that may fall in between:

1. Deepwinter
• (Midwinter’s Day between Deepwinter 30 and Coldeven 1)
2. Coldeven
3. Thawmist
4. First Seed
• (Flowerbloom between First Seed 30 and Summertide 1)
5. Summertide
6. Mid Year
• (Fourthyear between Mid Year 30 and Longrass 1 every four years)
7. Longrass
• (Midsummer’s Day between Longrass 30 and Thistleburn 1)
8. Thistleburn
9. Willowind
• (Harvest Day between Willowind 30 and Redleaves 1)
10. Redleaves
11. Gloomfrost
• (Moon’s Feast between Gloomfrost 30 and Year’s End 1)
12. Year’s End

Date Conventions

The days making up a tenday do not have formal names as we understand them (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…). If precision is required, the number of the day and the number of the tenday are used, as in, “the fourth day of the first tenday of Longrass”. Days of the month are typically written as the numerical date followed by the month name, for example, “15 Gloomfrost” or “15th Gloomfrost”. Informally or poetically this could be spoken or written as “the 15th of Gloomfrost”.

When writing or speaking the date in a rather formal sense such as dating a letter or journal entry, referencing an important date in history, or proclaiming a date in front of a rule of court, the date is often laid out by era, year, and numerical date followed by the month name – for example, “3E 216, 17 First Seed” or “3E 216, 17th of First Seed”.


Each month has an associated constellation or Starsign, which is said to affect the traits of children born in that month. Whether this actually holds true or not is a mystery to men, elves, dwarves, and the rest of the mundane world, though, many hold close its predictions and proclamations.

Different cultures associate the months with differing constellations, with some even referring to each Starsign as a Cycle.

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Calendar of Valeria

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