The remnants of the Emperor of Ysban’s elite guard, they are now only legends. They were once a battalion of Dragonborn Paladins, but when The Wound was opened and the demons and devils of The Nine Hells walked the Earth they all but vanished in the calamity, thought to have been slain.

Once every century or so, a Dragonborn either is revealed or is found, and this often causes a worldwide ruckus. Most people would never dream of betraying a Dragonborn because the Dragonborn are feared for their power, and respected for their previous station, but those who seek money or power will sell them into slavery, and should a Wyvern Knight of Ysban or any other noted agent of the Emperor of Ysban show up, any man who values his life will sell out any Dragonborn nearby.

Speculated History at Best:

The Dragonborn were created over one thousand years ago by the Emporer and his court wizard for the battle of The Wound. Though they are the half-dragon product of a powerful ritual, they could reproduce. Dragonborn of Emperor Hadrian VI were powerful creatures who resembled both the metallic and chromatic dragons. They had strong determination and were natural leaders, who took on the responsibility to lead the battle against the Demon Scourge of The Wound. The Dragonborn of Ysban were honorable beings and carried themselves with good deportment acting as the majestic emissaries of their Emperor. Due to the purpose they had been made for, the Dragonborn had a strong sense of identity with a clear purpose of one with stringent principles. Dragonborn viewed only other Dragonborn as kin because they believed only other Dragonborn could understand what their true purpose was and shared the same duty as them.

Some do not believe the Dragonmen ever existed. Others whisper that they were instead made by Bahamut after Emperor Hadrian VI made a deal with the Dragon God to sacrifice his legions and turn them into the Dragonborn giving them their draconic traits in place of their original biology.

It is unknown how long a Dragonborn can live due to their crusade against the legions of The Nine Hells, most of them died quite young. For this reason, it is unknown if any who may have escaped the doom of their fellow Knights would still be alive today or not.

If any Dragonborn were to live today, they would surely be stripped of rank and likely have no real sense of self. Perhaps even Crestfallen. But surely there are no Dragonborn who live to this day.

Any who know of the current state of Ysban understand that there is a high bounty on any knowledge or information of a living Dragonborn and therefore most of the common folk of Valeria (not just Ysban) may pretend to not even know what a Dragonborn is.


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