Halflings, also known as “Hin” amongst themselves or the “good folk” amongst other peoples are humanoid creatures similar in shape to humans, who halflings called the “Big Folk” but around half their size. Halflings get along well with most of the other peoples and are known for their curiosity and tendency to collect things.

The term “halfling” was derived from the fact that a halfling was around half of the size of a human, but otherwise very similar in appearance… though long ago halfling also had a more literal meaning…

Halflings long ago were taken by other peoples of the world and fashioned to be cooks and servants. Treated well, but still only half, the Hin lived to serve others – not themselves. Interesting enough for the Hin, now, the same traits which make them quiet and unnoticed servants make them excellent thieves and adventurers.

Their independence was found over two thousand years ago and was a constant curse to the rulers of Old. Now they have integrated with human society so well, they are considered by most as honorary humans, sharing their towns and cities and worshipping their gods. Though, the good folk certainly have their own Shires and Thorpes about the lands, preferring quiet and safe places seeing little flight or fancy. The bulk of them are fond of an unadventurous life of farming, eating, and socializing.