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This is the ultra heavy duty WIP title page for the wiki. Because my notes are so scattered and spread all over and a LOT of things are still being written and uploaded, this is gonna be somewhat of a hot mess for a while.

Standby and bear with me for the time being. For now, I will have practically every wiki page listed here in categories with a link to its page, but soon I hope to have things in all kinds of comfy compartments that are easy and intuitive to sift through.

ALSO, many pages may exist but might not have literally anything on or in it. This is not an error, it’s a The-DM-is-freaking-slow-as-af situation. As I said, standby.

Player Info:

  • What does it mean to be a Hero?
  • Creating a Character
  • Alignments and the Cosmic Struggle
  • Valerian Feats
  • Anatomy of a Hero: Ability Scores and Stats
  • Crafting, Tools, and Other Professions
  • Spells and Sorcery
  • More Soon…



The Gods:

  • The Gods and their Influence
  • Pantheons by Culture
  • Deities, Saints, and Heroes
  • More Soon…


Notable Factions:


Other Interesting Bits:

Standby, more to come soon!